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Precipitation patterns & perceptions

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Pick-up soccer on the Haines school sports field on 30 Sep 2106. Most years the field or the weather are not in too good of shape at this time of year.

Of all the weather elements, precipitation seems the most chaotic when it comes to spatial and temporal patterns. In reality, I think wind is probably more variable over both time and distance, but I guess we must understand that, since we don’t talk about it nearly as much as peculiar precipitation patterns such as long wet or dry periods, heavy precipitation events, adjacent areas getting very different amounts or types of precipitation, etc. When do these peculiarities rise above perception and prove to be truly unusual? (more…)

Rain Gauges and the Alaska Rainy Season

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Not all of Alaska is in the rainiest time of the year right now, but the southeast arm of the state, also variously known as the panhandle, the Inside Passage, the Banana Belt, or just plain Southeast sure is. In fact, I like the term rain coast. Farther north the rainiest time tends to be earlier in the year. With a few exceptions, the wettest month in Southeast is October, in Southcentral and the Interior it is September or August and along the north coast and most of the Bering Strait and Bering Sea coasts it is consistently August. The southwest coast and Aleutian Islands don’t show as clearly defined wettest month but there is no doubt that September through December or January is the wet time. These graphs illustrate. The green line is the precipitation, the others temperature. Note that the scales are the not the same on all graphs. The precipitation scale (on the right) is the same for all but Ketchikan, where it had to be expanded upward to handle the larger amounts. The temperature scales are less consistent.  (that’s what you get when you borrow your graphs…these borrowed from the Western Regional Climate Center.)  (more…)