wholesale info

For qualified retail stores we pair our high-quality made-in-USA products with the best possible terms, and top-notch service.

competitive discount rates improve your margin

items     discount off retail
10-49     40%
50-99     50%
100-399   55%
400+      60%

re-order policy avoids waste

reorders of any quantity maintain the best discount rate achieved during each calendar year

return policy reduces your risk

Calendars: Credit will be given, provided retailer contacts publisher by March 1st (of the year on the calendar) and returns calendars, or at publisher’s discretion, donates them to a school, non-profit etc. Calendars are not returnable for refund.
Other items: Full credit or maximum 25% refund given if items are returned in resalable condition within one year of delivery.

5 ways to order makes it convenient for you

  • call toll free 1-800-490-495
  • fax toll free 1-866-385-8527
  • email orders at williwaw dot com
  • order on this website
  • mail order to PO BOX 309, Haines AK 99827

payment terms to meet your needs

  • Net 30
  • 2% net 10
  • credit card at time of shipping

fair shipping policy keeps costs low

We charge for actual cost of postage only, with a $5 minimum. Most orders are mailed via USPS Mail, but some orders are available for hand delivery. We use Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes when possible, which, at $10.85 per box, keeps costs down nicely and gets your order to you quickly. Most orders are received within 2 weeks of order receipt.

Download our retail flyer and order form in PDF format