Williwaw Publishing Contributors

The following individuals, plus a few stock agencies, non-profit and government agencies (individual photographer names still listed when known) have provided photos, writing or editorial support for Williwaw Publishing projects, mostly the Alaska Weather Calendar. The list is mostly complete…I need to add some photographers from early calendars. Also, There may be a small number who did not want their name listed.

The third column indicates what the contribution was, however these are incomplete at the moment. AWC=Alaska Weather Calendar.
Accent Alaska website stock photo agency
Alaska Stock website stock photo agency
Anchorage Museum of Hist. and Art website historical photo archives
Anderson, Cary website AWC
Anderson, Hall AWC
Austring, Roberta reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Balen, Michael AWC
Barske, Elliott reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Battreall, Carl website AWC
Beedle, Jay website AWC 2010
Bennett, Jeff AWC
Blanchet, Dave AWC
Blikshteyn, Mihael website AWC 2010
Bol, Tom website AWC
Bovy, Ed web site AWC
Brady, James AWC
Burcham, John AWC 1997
Busch, Tom web site AWC
Butterfield, Bob web site AWC
Carls, Becky AWC
Carrie M. McLain Mem. Museum web site historical photo archives
Cebula, George AWC
Cochran, Oakley web site AWC
Crandall, Alissa web site AWC
Crisci, Richard reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Curtis, Jan AWC
Curtsinger, Bill web site AWC 2008
Darsney, Scott web site AWC
Davidow, Beth AWC 1995
Degnan, Virginia AWC
Demos, Nadja (see Roessek, Nadja)
Densham, Janice AWC
DeYoung, Michael web site AWC 1995 (cover), 1998 (cover), reviewer
Dewhurst, Donna AWC 2010
Dick, Laurent web site AWC
Dickson, James web site AWC 2010
Egan, Thomas AWC
Eisberg, Dean AWC
Endres, Patric J. web site AWC
Faubion, Michael AWC
Fesler, Doug AWC
Foott, Jeff AWC 1996
Fredston, Jill AWC
Gage, Hal AWC
Gaitley, Barbara AWC
Giannechini, Mike AWC 1996 (cover photo)
Glude, Bill web site AK Cloud and Wx Field Guide, technical consultant AWC
Grahm, Ken web site AWC, stock photo agency
Grams, Tim AWC
Green, Dennis R. AWC
Green, Jim web site company founder, writer and designer for most publications, cover photo 1993 AK Wx Cal
Green, Pamela AWC
Green, Rebekah AWC 2008
Gruhn, Steve reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Haecker, Diana AWC 2008
Hall, Calvin web site AWC
Hardison, Jasper AWC
Heimbold, Dawn AWC
Henspeter, Brad AWC 2007
Henspeter, Mark web site AWC 2008 2007
Herman, Bruce AWC
Hirschmann, Fred cover photo 1997, 2002, 2006 AK Wx Cals
Hofmann-Watson, Heide AWC 2002 (reader’s gallery)
Hyde, John web site AWC 2008
Jacobsen, Tom AWC
Job, David cover photo 2003 AK Wx Cal
Johnson, Kay McElrath AWC 2000
Jordan, Jerry AWC 1998
Joseph, Dicon AWC 1994
Justice, Michael AWC
Kazlowski, Steven web site AWC 2008
Kelley, Mark web site AWC 2010
Kelly, Steve AWC
Kuhlow, Allen R AWC 1997
Kurtak, Joe AWC
Lauber, Lon E AWC
Lavrakas, Dimitra AWC
Lawrence, Bob AWC
Lawrence, Laura AWC
Lesley, Mickey AWC
Lettis, Michael AWC 1996
Levi, Steven C. web site writer for 1998 Alaska History Calendar, and other projects
Lib. of Congress Historical Photos web site historical photos for the AWC
Linder, Christopher A. web site AWC
Lindsey, Didier web site AWC
Lotscher, Chlaus AWC
Madison, Donna AWC
Mamer, Joe web site AWC
McCall, Tara AWC
McDowell, Tom AWC 1994
Meacham, Tom AWC
Meehan, Joe AWC
Menke, Kathleen MK web site AWC
Metzler, Curvin web site AWC
Mischler, Cark James AWC 1998
Moon, M. Scott AWC
Morgan, Lawrence J. AWC
NASA Visible Earth web site Satellite images for the AWC
Nickles, Jon R AWC
Niebrugge, Ron AWC
Nourse, Steve web site AWC
Ogden, Doug web site AWC
Olson, Jerrold AWC
Ostermick, Rollie cover photo 1999 AK Wx Cal
Overholt, Jo cover photo 2004 AK Wx Cal
Parrett, Dan 2004 AWC
Pederson, Daryl AWC 1999
Peterson, Sue AWC 1998, 2000, 2002
Pezzenti, John AWC 1999
Pfutzenreuter, Bob AWC
Pitcher, Don AWC
Plucker, Margaret reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Porter, Chip AWC
Pringle, Daniel AWC
Probst, Greg cover photo 1994 AK Wx Cal
Proemm, Diana web site AWC
Ramey, Dave web site AWC
Read, Cyrus web site AWC 1994
Reid, Rich web site AWC , 2010
Reidenger, Cliff AWC 1994
Richards, Gail AWC
Rickard, Roxanne AWC
Rinehart, Carolyn reviewer (fact checking, editing, proofreading, etc.) for the Alaska Weather Calendar
Robinson, Ted AWC
Roessek, Nadja web site AWC 2000 (cover photo), 2010
Romberg, Bill AWC
Salat, Todd web site AWC
Sass, Louis web site cover photo 2007 AK Wx Cal
Schultz, Gary web site cover photo 2001 AK Wx Cal
Schultz, Jeff web site AWC stock photo agency
Scott, Bill AWC
Sherwonit, Bill AWC
Sherwood, Duane web site AWC 2008
Shults, Cindy web site AWC 2010
Skalitzky, Matt AWC , 2010
Smith, Cory web site AWC
Smith, Thetus AWC 2002 (reader’s gallery)
Sprott, Julie AWC
Steinacker, Sue writer, artist for 1999 Alaska History Calendar
Stirrup, Marion AWC
Stocks, Craig web site AWC 2008
Stosits, Daniel AWC
Stroble, Margaret AWC 2010
Taft, Loren web site cover photo 2005 AK Wx Cal
Tape, Ken web site AWC
Univ. of Wash. Special Collections web site historical photos for the AWC
Venchenko, Fred AWC
Vickery, Kelly AWC
Vonderheide, David AWC
Wahlman, Harold AWC
Walker, Harry  website AWC
Walker, Tom web site AWC 2008 (cover photo)
Ward, Kennan web site AWC
Weimer, Allura AWC 2010
Weingartner, Tom AWC
Welch, Patrick AWC
Willard, Barbara AWC
Woolever, Joanne AWC 2002
Wright, Kevin AWC 2010
Wright, Myron AWC